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Arcade Games | Video Game Consuls

Colorado Event Productions offers Arcade Game Rentals, Video Games and Game Consul Rentals for your all of your Events - the prefect addition to any event - for any age!  We think the more games at any event - the better!  Your guests will love having an Colorado Event Productions Arcade!

Colorado Event Productions Offers Arcade Video Games & Game Consuls:

  • Ice Ball Alley Roller Game
  • Asteroids Arcade Game
  • Atari Pong Game
  • Boxer Game
  • Dance-Dance Revolution Game Consul
  • Galaga Arcade Video Game
  • Galaxian Arcade Game
  • Golden Tee Video Game
  • Giant Battleship
  • Home Stretch Derby Race Game
  • Jet Pong Game
  • Lunar Lander Arcade Game
  • Major Havoc Arcade Game
  • Mega Wire Game
  • Mortal Combat Video Gane
  • Pac-Man Video Game
  • Pac-Man Plus Arcade Game
  • Play Back Memory Game
  • Pop-A-Shot Basketball Game
  • Ridge Racer Video Game
  • Snatch It Light Arcade Game
  • Space Invaders Frenzy (Worlds Largest)
  • Street Fighter II - Champion Edition Arcade
  • Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers Arcade
  • Super Street Fighter II Turbo Arcade
  • Tempest Arcade Game Rental
  • The Vault Game
  • Worlds Largest Pac Man Game Rental
  • Worlds Largest Galaga Game Rental
  • X-Box Kinnect Game Console
  • Flash Pads Game Floor
  • Virtual Rollercoaster Game