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Meet the Team!

You already know how important the day of your event is - and we committed to making it perfect!

We believe "It takes a village" behind the scenes to make sure every event & detail is perfect, too!  We are proud to introduce the BEST staff in our office - committed to the excellence of every [YOUR] event! We know we cannot make it without our team of office and event staff!  

Don & Michelle Kennedy

Don has been a DJ most of his life!  He started as a young teen by taking his dad's new home stereo and doing dances (blowing it up by the way!).  Don is a great DJ for any event with over 25+ years of experience and amazing music and crowd "knowledge".  Don is a logistics GENIUS and is also known for his incredible talent and "ear" with sound system and lighting installations at night clubs, dance studios, venues and more.  Sounds of the Rockies' amazing, high-quality sound systems and lighting options are put together by the BEST! 

Michelle left the corporate world in 2008 to "join forces" with Don.  Michelle is an over-achiever (if that is possible!) in every aspect and a complete perfectionist for events, details & pre-planning.  She is 100% dedicated to the quality and service each client is given - before, during and their satisfaction after each event.  Ask Michelle any question and get a fast, thorough response.  Everyone has a "friend in the business" with Michelle!

Together, along with their awesome team, this POWER DUO creates a strong, unmatched force of reputable companies the event industry!


Mariah Thompson, General Manager 

Mariah has been a member of our team since 2015 and has more energy than most of us together!  As much as we throw at Mariah, she catches every bit and still makes sure every detail is perfect!  Mariah keeps our entire team running smoothly – making sure each of us knows the job we are intended to do for each client’s event.  Mariah always smiles – even in stressful times and takes care of her client’s details – no matter what it takes!  Her dedication to perfection and positive attitude is always admirable to our team and our clients.  We are truly lucky to have her as a part of our team!   


Sydney Martin, Event Services Coordinator

Sydney has been with our team since 2018 and loves to work with our clients from the office and in field at events.   Sydney is very detail oriented and works with our clients to be sure the fine details are set and taken care of in advance – allowing them to have a stress-free event day (at least from our end!) - including our Photo Booth background designs with each  client. You may know Sydney’s friendly face as our Lead Technician – running circles around anyone and everyone at events.  Along with her many event talents, her beautiful Décor and Fabric Design work are unmatched – as is her kind, sweet personality with our team and all of our clients!


Kenny Iwasa, Event DJ and Production Manager

Kenny has been a welcome part of our team since 2018 as our new, "fresh" DJ and Production Manager.  Kenny has been a professional musician for about 13 (including a Professional Sax Player!) and is very tech savvy - bringing a new energy to our group along with keeping us current with our ideas, direction, and approach to our events.  With his calm and confident demeanor, he is eager to work with all of our events – making sure each client’s details are tended to with the right staff at each event.  Kenny is very funny (kind of the class clown) and loves what he does - as much as we love having him on our team!