Colorado Event Productions

Event Entertainment, Lighting & Production Services


Colorado Event Productions offers Outdoor Movie Rentals and Movie Screen Rentals and is a                               FULL SERVICE - TURN KEY Outdoor Movie Production Company.

We handle all of the technical aspects of your outdoor movie event:

  • HUGE Inflatable Cinema/Theatrical Movie Screens with 12'X20' "viewing area" (smaller sizes available)
  • Professional High Quality Sound System
  • Bright Digital Projector
  • Delivery, Setup, Full Operation and Tear-down of Equipment
    by our On-site Technician
  • Pre-Show Options Available
  • Movie Licensing Assistance - please ask for details!
  • Power Source (if needed)
  • More Options & Details Available!

We show outdoor movies (movie screen rental) to the standards that film makers intended their films to be experienced and even higher: to our standards! We offer only huge inflatable screens, bright crisp pictures and AWESOME sound. We only using the best equipment available on the market!  Colorado Event Productions in partner with our with our company  Airbound Extreme Outdoor Adventures brings you the experience of watching a movie in the theaters, except you are in an open air setting under the nighttime sky and stars!