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Digital Monograms & Animated Images, Projections and Backdrops

altAt Colorado Event Productions, a Division of Sounds of the Rockies Entertainment Group, we believe that your Event Decor and your Event Entertainment go hand-in-hand!  The entire room, including the decor, can and should be fun and entertaining!  We want your guests to leave your event and talk about the entire evening for years to come - "Did you see that wall!? ...The whole room, including the dance floor changed colors!....the music was Awesome!...I have never been to an event with LED Casino tables..."!  

At Colorado Event Productions, we strive to specialize in Unique, LED, Color Changing, Room Altering - Event Altering Decor Options and of course, specialized entertainment!

With so much technology in today's world, why wouldn't you want the latest and greatest DIGITAL and ANIMATION at your event?!!? (Holiday Party Decor, School Dance Decor, Wedding Decor and more!) GOBO Projected Images have always been some of our favorite event decor.  It is an easy, cost effective way to add almost anything to your event!  We now also present to you: Digital Images, Immersive Light Projection and Animated GOBO Backdrops, Animated MonogramsWall Washes, Custom Monograms, Animated Projections and more! 

As always, please contact us for more details and examples!

Animated GOBO Images

An Animated GOBO Image (Animated Monogram Digital Image, Animated Wedding Monogram) or animated picture for decor has some movement to the image.  An Animated GOBO Image can look like a standard GOBO Image, but it may color, moving pieces, sparkle or have stars that twinkle around it.  It may also have things such as Trees with moving snow that say “Happy Holidays” or the company custom information (see image below).  As with any projection, we can make the image as large or small as we can based on the placement of the projector(s) in the room!

Please see Animated Monograms choices HERE!


Animated Backdrops ~ Wall Washes

An Animated Backdrop or Animated Wall Wash is a short digital “video” or animated projection (Immersive Light Projection) that moves the image (i.e. Fire, Galaxy, Water, Snow, Under the Sea, Kaleidoscope, etc.) on an entire wall, ceiling, floor or the whole room! Any animated wall wash can change the look and background of the entire room and transport your event to another location of your choice! Combine the Animated Wall Wash with an Animated Custom Monogram for extra decor effects!

FOR EXTRA EFFECT:  If your theme included FIRE, for example, we can set the decor lighting in the room (or color change) to red, orange or yellow!  Imagine having our LED Starlight Dance Floor, LED Cocktail Tables, LED Decor Columns (with H20-Fire Effect), LED Up-Lighting and more options adding and changing color in the room!  You will feel the heat of the flames!  OR, make it SNOW in the room with event lighting set to blues, purples, green or red for your corporate holiday party decor, winter wedding ideas, winter school dances and holiday parties!  Make it really snow with our special effects Snow Machine over the dance floor!  

Tell us your theme for TONS of options!

The ideas and possibilities are almost endless!  We can help!




Digital GOBO Images ~ Monograms

Digital GOBO Images (also known as Monograms), while they look like a standard Gobo image, allows us to angle (keystone) the image so that it is symmetrical at any position (standard gobo projectors can drag or elongate the image on the floor, etc. if it is not a direct projection).  These classic monograms are made custom to your information, details and design!  Please see custom Classic Monograms choices HERE


Standard GOBO Images or Texture Design

Still one of our company favorite event decor features.... Standard GOBO Projected Images are still an awesome way to go to add custom or themed decor to any event!  Single Monograms or Texture Design is available.  Please ask us for more ideas!  For more details on Gobo Images, Monograms or Texture Images, please click HERE!